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Soros-Funded National Lawyers Guild Selects Violent Revolutionary as Keynote Speaker

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) featured Bernadine Dohrn as its keynote regional conference speaker APRIL 2. The NLG is a progressive bar association funded in part by George Soros’ Open Society Institute. While the NLG claims to be a civil rights organization, its focus lies elsewhere. In fact, the NLG’s anthem “human rights shall be held more sacred than property interests” only thinly disguises it’s radical leanings.

Bernadine Dohrn is known for her involvement with the Weather Underground. At one point, the FBI placed her on its list of 10 most wanted. Her husband, Bill Ayers, was co-founder of this revolutionary group. In a 2011 interview with the NY Times, Ms. Dohrn’s husband reiterated, “I don’t regret setting bombs…I feel we didn’t do enough.”

As a fugitive, Ms. Dohrn remained a leader in the Weather Underground as it continued to plant bombs at government buildings in an effort to mount a communist revolution. Three people were killed as a result of the organization’s bomb-making activities in 1970.

By selecting a communist revolutionary so closely involved with past domestic terrorism as a keynote speaker, the National Lawyers Guild further reveals its true agenda of gradually transforming this country through the legal system.

Fuente: Breitbart



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