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Trump secures THIRD Nobel Peace Prize nomination

As I write this article, a primordial shriek is emanating from somewhere deep in Portland, rising eastward over the majestic Rockies and echoing for all of ‘Murica to hear.

President Trump has secured his third nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, with two previous nominations this month:
  • Norwegian politician and NATO delegate Christian Tybring-Gjedde nominated Trump for his historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE (with Bahrain later joining the deal).
  • Swedish politician Magnus Jacobsson nominated Trump for coordinating a peace deal between Bosnia and Kosovo.

This week, four Australian law professors have nominated the president a third time: in this case, for what they call the «Trump Doctrine.»
This doctrine, argues co-nominator Professor David Flint, is one of reducing American military presence on foreign soil and creating a «network of peace» in the Middle East and elsewhere.

«The Trump Doctrine is something extraordinary, as so many things that Donald Trump does,» said Flint. «He is guided by two things, which seem to be absent from so many politicians. He has firstly common sense and he is only guided by a national interest, and therefore, in our circumstances, an interest in the Western alliance. What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided that he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing, but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America.»

Flint went on to praise the president’s policies in the Middle East specifically.

«[Trump] negotiated directly with the Arab states concerned and Israel and brought them together and these states are lining up,» he said. «He’s also been the first American president to work out how to make America energy independent of the Middle East.»

Well, there you have it, folks. The president, also known as «Literally Hitler» by some on the Left (like Joe Biden, who compared Trump to genocidal Nazi Joseph Goebbels this week), has been nominated three times in a matter of weeks for the world’s most eminent award on peace.
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