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A Covert Apocalypse: What Happened To America And The End Of The Once-Greatest Country In The World

The United States Of America was once revered as the greatest country in the world. Then came a covert apocalypse, and it all came crashing down around us. A shining beacon of freedom dimmed. The results weren’t met with a tear or a whimper. What happened? What burned away the soul of our country?

Our Apocalypse

The definition of apocalypse refers to an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale. An apocalypse is a world-changing event, or series of events, that leaves the world differently than before.

A stock market apocalypse might be what it’s called when the market crashes drastically.

An era of ecological apocalypse might be what it’s called during repeated ecological catastrophes.

To those born in the seventies, this isn’t the country we remember. To those born in the fifties, this isn’t a country they can recognize. To those born in the nineties, they live in an increasingly scary country. What happened?

Take a look back at the 20th century. America was known for its achievements in technology. The country led the world in medical breakthroughs and space exploration.

America enjoyed the success of winning WWII, then won the Cold War. Yet, there are differences when assessing the country’s achievements. Between different demographics, the average American and the more educated and wealthier, the latter remain more enthusiastic about the country’s scientific and technological accomplishments.

Social Movements

Before politics began interfering in every aspect of our lives and before social movements began pushing agendas into every part of our existence, change organically happened.

In just the last fifteen years, the number of changes rooted in our society has exploded exponentially.

Was America perfect? No, but it was a far cry better than it is today. Today, the country is in bad shape. One of the things that has gone horribly wrong is likely to go down in history as the decriminalization movement.

We are now revered globally as a crime-ridden country. Stores like Walmart announced closures in the liberal-led Chicago. Other big box retailers have announced closures from the east to the west. Stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Target, Walgreens, and CVS have announced closures, some citing unsafe conditions for employees and customers and some citing decreased foot traffic resulting from criminal activity.

Politicians stepped in and have made it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs as prosecutors refused to file charges and moved to decriminalize misdemeanors and some felonies, all to play to the emotions of one demographic. All the changes are easily seen as cheap ways of controlling voters, attempting to amass and keep power. None of the changes will serve those hardest hit by the long-term effects of such policies.

Untrustworthy Leadership And Corruption

The rampant loss of trust in our leaders is dividing the country as it falls apart.

From 2016 and through most of Donald Trump’s presidency, people in the United States and the world were led to believe that there was “credible” information that Donald J. Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to gain the presidency. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, liberal and corporate news media pushed the narrative that Trump and the Maga Republicans were “evil” and that Trump had colluded to win the presidency.

The F.B.I. opened an investigation into Trump, spied on his campaign, and for what?

It was no secret that Russia would lose money, experiencing a damaging effect on their economy, under a Trump presidency and his energy plans. Trump was working with American energy companies to keep us free from reliance on O.P.E.C., of whom Russia is a player. Russia’s economy relied heavily on its oil production and sales. Under Trump, their cash flow would decrease when the barrel hit all-time lows.

After a four-year investigation into the Russia/Trump collusion hoax, special counsel Durham repeated his belief that Hillary Clinton’s campaign helped fuel the Russia investigation, a dark cloud of nearly two years of Trump’s presidency.

Our political system has become so wrought with corrupt practices that it should scare everyone in this country. The Durham report acknowledges that the F.B.I. opened the investigation into Trump and Russia over a WikiLeaks hack of Democratic emails. One of those emails is reported to have contained information that a Trump campaign aide might have had advanced knowledge of the Russians releasing information damaging to the Clinton campaign.

One thing is for certain, the investigation firms up beliefs that the FBI failed to do its job correctly, and due to that a negative effect was felt by a political candidate and future president.

The world at large, and the citizens of the United States, have been left to wonder whether leadership in America can be trusted and because of the FBI involvement, whether law enforcement at the highest levels has been corrupted for political gain.

America’s Apocalyptic Betrayal Of Its Own People

While the federal government openly continues to push for open borders and massive illegal immigration, we continue to have a growing problem in the once greatest country in the world, America. That problem is homelessness.

Our very own people are being left on the streets, occasionally moved and relocated out of sight prior to political visits. In the meantime, homelessness in the United States rises.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, homelessness began to rise in 2015 by an overall 3 percent.

in 2022, the number of homeless individuals was over 400,000, and chronically homeless individuals were over 125,000. The numbers are record highs in the history of data collection on the homeless.

Unsheltered rates of homeless people were also trending upward, impacting most racial, ethnic, and gender subgroups.

While homeless services systems continued to expand the number of temporary and permanent beds in 2022, the resources still fall short of reaching everyone in need.

The Burden Of Immigration Divides A Country

Monthly, encounters between Border Patrol agents and migrants have remained at levels not seen in over 20 years.

In 2020, the number of monthly migrant encounters had fallen to the second lowest level in 20 years. Some of that is due to the closure of the borders and slowed immigration around the world. Encounters with Migrants have soared to new highs since then, with more than 200,000 in November 2022 according to government statistics reviewed and released by the Pew Research Center.

This has been an issue in the United States, and members of the population are taking notice.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in a 2018 interview, was quoted as saying that sending troops to the border was “political” and “inappropriate.” Yet, under Biden, sending troops to the border was an acceptable decision and there are 1,500 troops on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Republicans and Democrats have consistently failed to deliver on immigration reform, and Democrats appear to favor open borders. It’s not like every country in the world has a border or immigration policy. As some Americans have favored such views, others are now experiencing the effects of the current migrant issue and how hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are being given preferential treatment over American citizens, at the cost of the tax-paying public.

American citizens are left to fend for themselves on the street as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are being put up in high-end hotels in cities like New York. Some of them are likely great people. Others are criminals according to the behavior described by one hotel employee, Felipe Rodriguez, in a Fox and Friends First Interview.

Rodriguez described what used to be a nice environment where you could associate with guests in a pleasant exchange. Now, it’s a migrant hotel.

“Unfortunately, the government didn’t vent out just the right people to come into the program and just sent anybody. So we got people who are… getting drunk, using marijuana. They are punching and beating their wives or their girlfriends. We have teenagers running around wild around the hotel, opening the fire exit doors. It’s a mess,” Rodriguez told Fox & Friends First.

The current administration continues to lie to people, and the enemy of truth has a face. It’s Karine Jean-Pierre.

One day before the Pentagon confirmed the troop movement to the border, a troop movement that was once decried as being wrong and a political stunt by the Trump administration, Jean-Pierre claimed that illegal migration has come down by “more than 90%.”

There were 2.3 million encounters in 2022. Not all of them were from Mexico. What they aren’t talking about, is that many of them are from other countries such as China. Chinese citizens sneaking into the country should be concerning to people considering problems directly linked to China.

While half a million of our own citizens are homeless, many unable to get into shelters, we are paying $650,000 per day in just one New York hotel to house members of other countries. Where is the soul of America when our leaders are favoring spending money to solve the problems of other countries’ citizens before making sure they’ve successfully solved that of our own citizens?

Joe Biden promised to “restore the soul of America” as the president-elect. Some might ask, doesn’t the soul of America include those in America that fought for their country, to defend its ideals and beliefs? Many of our own that are homeless are in fact veterans who served their country and risked their lives, so people in America could live in freedom, prosperity, and democracy.

Economic Disaster And Effects

Under the current era of leadership, inflation has risen to heights not seen in four decades. When asked about his responsibility for inflation, President Biden passed the buck.

“It was here before, man,”

— Joe Biden 2022 News Conference

Eventually, one thing that everybody will have to accept, is that we are going to see a massive recession, if not a depression. It’s the basic laws of reaction at play because what goes up must come down.

However, if we are to believe the news, there is no seeing eye to eye on the economy and the budget at the federal level. Joe Biden’s administration wants to raise the debt ceiling, further putting the United States into a massive debt situation that is going to be unsustainable.

Anybody in this country that has ever gotten in over their heads understands this.

Yet, democrats want to raise the debt ceiling to push for a massive three-plus trillion dollar spending initiative for their social justice programs and to give more money and arms to Ukraine. This too will ultimately be a cost borne by the people of the United States as their bottom line continues to suffer.

The biggest problem appears to come from the perceived lack of willingness to negotiate spending cuts with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Congress complains that the Whitehouse doesn’t negotiate in good faith, and won’t bend on the numbers.

The Democrats complain and tell the world that Republicans want to curb spending on things like social security, even though there’s been no indication either by statement or legislation that this is true.

Global Economic Apocalypse and American Economic Apocalypse

As the crisis date looms, and tech layoffs are beginning to pick up as much as business closures and layoffs in other areas, June 1st is the date to watch.

Biden may be forced to try an end run, using a section of the 14th amendment, to raise the debt ceiling on his own. It’s a risky gamble for two reasons:

  1. He’ll face a constitutional challenge to the supreme court that will take time. Based on past challenges, he could see an injunction that keeps him from raising the debt ceiling until the supreme court fully examines the arguments from both sides of the aisle. Furthermore, based on other supreme court decisions, there’s no guarantee he would win. The section they refer to is loosely interpreted as something that will work, but there are arguments why it would and why it wouldn’t apply to the debt ceiling.
  2. Raising the debt ceiling without a bi-partisan bill puts the democratic party and everyone that votes in favor of such a move at risk come election time. One thing that the American people are getting tired of is the constant spending on foreign interests, specifically Ukraine, and on illegal immigration. Failing to remember that we just came out of one war and then became deeply entrenched into another one, the Biden administration acts more like it’s their money to do what they want with and that the American people have no say so. While we don’t, at the time it’s being spent, it becomes a political bullet during the height of an election.

There’s no doubt that if we default it could be a bad situation for everyone. While other countries are already shoring up political and financial alliances that are counter to our global interests, sinking the country into a mass recession, or depression, guarantees changes to the world. These are changes that no party wants to claim responsibility for when they affect their own countrymen.

Final Thoughts

We may well be living through the end of the world as we know it, and many don’t feel fine.

Crime is running rampant in our cities, and yes, particularly cities run by democratic-controlled governments. Look at California and Illinois, look at New York and Washington, or anywhere else with historically high theft rates, drug rates, and organized retail crime rates. The common denominator is the lack of prosecution, liberal approach to law enforcement, and people being given the impression there are no consequences to be scared of if they commit a crime.

Political leaders have become a joke. The situation in Washington and several major US cities has become politically laughable. How are people supposed to trust a system of governance where so many of our leaders are proven to be corrupt, connected to corruption, and have been caught deceiving or outright lying to the American people?

Politically, the FBI has been proven to be tainted. The highest, most respectable level of law enforcement in the country, has been compromised by the political system. They’ve forgotten their oath, and their credo, and when members of the FBI voiced their concerns they were targeted according to recent congressional hearings and testimony.

If we learned anything about the investigations into Donald Trump when he was running for office…they were unfounded, based on unfounded accusations, and unvetted, serving only the political interests of the Democratic party. Trump claiming that some of the accusations against him have been politically motivated witch hunts turns out to be rooted in truth.

But, when a Washington outsider ascends to the highest office in the country, it couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact voters in this country were tired of the status quo and wanted a better future. Or could it have?

Immigration reform laws are desperately needed. But first, liberal woke folks, and democrats need to accept that there are laws on immigration for a reason. They also need to be less hypocritical about things.

Kamala Harris decried the Trump administration for wanting to put troops on the border of Mexico to control the border. Yet, her party leader has now done exactly that. Fifteen hundred troops were sent there this month to help control the crossings and process people.

Democrats were outraged at a program that separated children from their parents in detention centers at the border. That program was proven to have started in the Obama/Biden years and continues because under United States law children cannot be housed within sight or sound of adults in detention.

Ultimately, the solution to the immigration crisis may be simple enough. Once upon a time, this was a nation of immigrants fleeing persecution.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

— Quote on the Statue of Liberty

Now, it needs to read, no vacancies. As the US is going broke, going further and further into debt if they raise the debt ceiling, and still trying to pay more than most for things like the Ukraine war, it simply cannot sustain an open border policy and free housing and healthcare, food, and cellphones, for millions of immigrants. It can’t afford to do that for its own people unless one day there’s a major change in long-standing practices and policies.

And while homelessness is on the rise, and we are forced to look at ourselves as a country, things like giving away free housing to so-called asylum seekers aren’t sitting well with Americans in many demographics, including some from areas heavily targeted by Democrats for votes.

Economically, Joe Biden and company continue to forget that there’s no magic tree that grows money, and that when your spending more than your making you are going to end up in trouble. Continuing to raise the debt ceiling isn’t going to work forever. The deficit has to be dealt with, just like any person in the country that gets into too much debt, or you’re going to make matters worse.

The chips will fall one day, whether it’s June of 2023 or not remains to be seen. It will, however, happen.

No party wants to be the one that runs their country into a depression. It’s estimated that if we don’t find a compromise to the debt ceiling, and get it raised soon, America will see a massive recession occur, if not an outright depression. A global economic collapse may be next.

If, and when, we come out of the current era struggles, what the United States is going to look like is anybody else’s guess. There are forces at work that continue to cram rapid change down the throats of the American people. Rapid change, economic uncertainty, corrupt governments, and massive migrations are all a sign of globalism influx. Globalism is erupting into a post-apocalyptic nightmare scenario, and we’re all just along for the ride as they continue to treat the US like it’s one giant money pit ready to be set ablaze.

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